What does it mean to have the best in-vitro fertilization (IVF) treatment?

DoctorWith IVF treatment, best treatment does not exist; only the most appropriate treatment is available from a leading medical provider. The IVF treatment program most suitable to your individual needs is considered the best treatment.

Best IVF Treatment

From a technical point of view, the selection of the most appropriate IVF treatment is divided two categories:

  • Conventional IVF treatment
  • Unconventional IVF treatment

Conventional IVF Treatment

Today, conventional IVF treatment remains the most popular treatment. Conventional IVF Treatment involves:

  • High doses of fertility medications
  • Retrieval of multiple eggs
  • Development of multiple embryos in vitro
  • Fresh embryo transfer

An experienced practitioner of Conventional IVF Treatment offers patients having a good prognosis via fresh embryo transfer a success rate of between 50 and 60 percent. However, some drawbacks to Conventional IVF Treatment, include:

  • A high dosage of expensive hormone injections
  • The risk of Ovarian Hyperstimulation (OHSS) – about 4 to 7 percent of cases

Conventional IVF Treatment is suitable only for patients with good ovarian function; it is not recommended for patients having a low ovarian reserve.

Unconventional IVF Treatment

Unconventional IVF treatment is a cutting edge Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART), consisting of:

  • Minimal Ovarian Stimulation, commonly known as Mini IVF
  • Luteal Phase Stimulation
  • Double Stimulation

One of the tremendous features of Unconventional IVF Treatment is the ancillary procedure known as Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET). The traditional method of stimulating ovulation with a regimen of high dosage hormone injections is not used in Unconventional IVF Treatment. Fertility medications to stimulate egg follicle growth and ovulation involves a short duration regimen, giving patients the benefit of:

  • Lower cost of medications
  • Lower chance of OHSS
  • Lower chance of ectopic pregnancy

Unconventional IVF Treatment is recommended for:

  • Patients with good ovarian function
  • Patients with poor ovarian function
  • Patients with poor prognosis

Unconventional IVF Treatment Success Rate

The success rate for Unconventional IVF Treatment is higher than Conventional IVF. If the patient’s fresh embryos cannot be transferred immediately, they can be cryopreserved. The patient then has the opportunity to undergo FET cycles at any time in the future. FET is carried out in sync with the patient’s natural cycle, allowing the fetus to be exposed to the best environment for developing and reducing pregnancy complications.

Popular Benefits of Unconventional IVF Treatment

Patients are not required to have frequent monitoring for how the ovaries are responding to fertility medications. In turn, Unconventional IVF Treatment such as Natural IVF reduces the amount of time patients spend at the fertility clinic, resulting in less emotional and physical stress, and financial costs.

Foremost Unconventional IVF Treatment Provider

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