What Can I Do If My Husband Has a Low Sperm Count

Many couples have no idea there is a problem with sperm count until they try to start a family.  If your husband has a low sperm count, understanding the problem and how it is treated can help reduce the uncertainty about your ability to have a family.


In many cases, low sperm count is a silent affliction without symptoms.   When symptoms do occur they can include:

  • Low sex drive
  • Erectile dysfunction including the ability to achieve or maintain an erection
  • Discomfort or swelling in or around the groin
  • Loss of facial hair

Several medical conditions can cause a low sperm count:

  • Varicocele – In this condition, the veins that drain the testicles become swollen.  This can stop the testicles from properly cooling which results in fertility issues.
  • Tumors – Both cancerous and malignant tumors can negatively impact male fertility and result in a low sperm count.
  • STDs – Sexually transmitted diseases can have a lasting effect on fertility due to swelling and scar tissue.  It is important that all STDs be treated promptly to reduce the effect on the body.
  • Hormone Issues – Men are just as likely as women to have a hormone defect. Hormones play an integral role in sperm production and when they are not produced at adequate levels, fertility issues may occur.
  • Medications – Some prescription medication can impact fertility.  Steroids, chemotherapy drugs and some antibiotics can decrease sperm production.

In addition to medical causes, several lifestyle choices can also result in low sperm count.  Drug use, alcohol use, stress and obesity can also cause decreased sperm production.  Lifestyle related low sperm count can be addressed by stopping the adverse behavior.

When low sperm count is caused by medical conditions, there are several forms of treatment:

  • Surgery  – Often used to repair a varicocele or to remove an obstruction
  • Antibiotics – Antibiotics can be used to treat STDs and other reproductive tract infections
  • Hormone therapy – When a hormonal imbalance is the cause of fertility issues, treatment with hormone therapy can help to return the reproductive system to equilibrium.

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