5 Things to Know Before Choosing a Women’s Health Center

Finding the right provider for women’s health issues is important to your overall and reproductive health.  With many health care providers available in NYC, it is important to thoroughly consider all of your options before selecting a provider for your women’s health needs.  The information below can help you with the selection process in order to find an office and provider that is right for you.couple

Why is finding a woman’s health center important?

Women have unique needs when it comes to their reproductive health.  It is important to work with physicians who are familiar with the female body and know what to look for.  This is important before, during, and after your reproductive years.  Preventive measures such as cancer screening allow potential issues to be identified before they become serious issues.  Additionally, a woman’s health provider can be a resource for family planning, including protecting your fertility for the future.

What should you look for in a women’s health care provider?

Look for a provider who has a convenient location with office hours that work with your lifestyle.  A center with limited availability can result in frustration if issues arise.  Additionally, it is important to find a center where every patient is treated as an individual with unique needs.  Furthermore, look for a doctor whose philosophy matches your own.  For example, if holistic treatment is important to you, look for a physician who incorporates holistic medical treatments.

What’s the best way to find a women’s health care provider?

The best way to find any doctor is through referrals.  Ask friends and family members about their experiences.  This can provide a wealth of insight into the way the medical center is run and how the doctor conducts business.  Another option is to speak with your insurance company.  They can provide a list of women’s health care providers in your area that are a part of their network.  Selecting an in-network provider reduces your out of pocket cost and maximizes your benefits.

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