The Pros and Cons of a Natural Cycle IVF

JZ (3)In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) has typically been used as a single medical treatment protocol focused on harvesting a large number of eggs. Technological advancements and improvements in reproductive medicine have changed this protocol. Today, there are a number of IVF protocols available addressing a patient’s individual needs.

Natural Cycle IVF

One of the newest IVF protocols is Natural Cycle IVF. This treatment option does not use fertility medication to stimulate multiple egg production. The woman’s naturally produced egg is harvested during a her cycle. There are pros and cons to this IVF protocol, both of which should be carefully considered by individuals who are considering this treatment option.

Pros of Natural IVF

Many of the pros of Natural IVF Cycles stem from the lack of fertility medication and the fact that it is based upon a woman’s natural fertility. The pros of a natural IVF cycle include:

  • No pain, discomfort, or side effects from administering fertility medication during the IVF cycle.
  • Providing a treatment option for those individuals who are unable to produce multiple eggs during a single cycle.
  • Allowing a woman to use the benefits of IVF without the use of fertility medication.
  • Eggs produced without the use of fertility medication are healthier and more likely to result in pregnancy.
  • Being a treatment option for older women who are still ovulating but may not respond well to fertility medication.

Cons of Natural IVF

Natural IVF focuses on harvesting a single egg for fertilization and transfer. The fact that only one egg is harvested results in cons for some individuals:

  • There are no surplus eggs or embryos for use in future transfers should the cycle fail.
  • May not be the best treatment option for women who are good candidates for traditional IVF and are likely to respond well to fertility medication.

Natural IVF Cycle Provider

To discover if Natural Cycle IVF is the best fertility treatment option for your individual medical needs, contact the New Hope Fertility Center team. Please click the link below to enter your information and a fertility expert from New Hope will contact you – or, simply call 917.525.5496.


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