Tips For Stress When Trying To Get Pregnant

Living with infertility struggles can be stressful.  Fertility treatment can be difficult and affect many aspects of your life from your finances to your sex life.  While infertility is not caused by stress, stress can affect your fertility care.

We have found that women who effectively manage their stress have better outcomes.  The tips below can help you cope:

Build a support system: Find friends and family members that will be supportive during your fertility journey.  Often, people will not know how to best communicate with you about your struggles.  Let them know how they can help you.  If you communicate your needs, your friends and family can rise to the occasion.

It’s okay to be emotional: There will be times when you are frustrated or feel like crying or yelling.  It’s okay to cry or scream.  Give yourself time to release your emotions.  In fact, you may feel better after giving yourself permission to release some of those pent up emotions.

Respect your partner: Your spouse or significant other is also dealing with the stress of fertility care.  That being said, he will not react in the same way you do.  He’ll also need to deal with stress and to find coping mechanisms that work for him.  You should talk to your spouse about your feelings but expect him to react differently.  After all, his experience is different than yours.

Ask questions: You’ll be more at ease when you understand your fertility care plan.  Take time to understand your diagnosis and ask questions about your treatment plan.  Your doctors and nurses are here to address any concerns you may have.

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