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Pregnancy Success and BMI

exerciseWeight impacts fertility for both men and women.  For both genders, being overweight can significantly reduce a person’s natural fertility. Being overweight can negatively impact hormone levels making ovulation and sperm production difficult.

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How Is Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) Managed During IVF?

PCOSIn continuing to post about some of my unique and interesting cases, this article will address my standard practice of care in the treatment of patients who are suffering from polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) after undergoing in vitro fertilization (IVF).

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The Importance of Getting Exercise When It Comes To Your Mental Health

Stress management is extremely important for a person’s overall mental health.  It is especially important during fertility treatment, when emotions often run high.  Unfortunately, many people use unhealthy ways of coping with stress including overeating, withdrawing from friends, or having a drink.  These habits can all negatively impact fertility and should not be utilized while trying to conceive.  Instead, consider using exercise as a way to reduce stress and improve your mental health.Enjoying the sun

Exercise and Mental Health

Exercise releases endorphins, the chemicals in your brain that are responsible for feeling pleasure.  These pleasurable feelings can help to address minor issues with depression.  For these individuals, exercise can both prevent bouts of depression and can prevent having recurring feelings of depression. Furthermore, stress and tension often manifests physically.  Individuals who are experiencing stress may have strained muscles, bad posture, and other physical signs of their stress.  Endorphins can also address these physical symptoms by helping muscles to relax.

Positive Effects of Exercise

There are a number of mental and physical benefits of exercise that can directly impact your fertility:

  • Improved sleeping habits
  • Increased sex drive
  • Increased endurance
  • Relief of stress
  • Improved mental state and mood
  • Improved energy
  • Increased alertness
  • Obtaining and maintaining a healthy weight
  • Improved overall health

Viewing Exercise Differently

Despite understanding the health benefits, many people do not like to exercise.  It can be thought of as a chore and often people use being busy as an excuse not to exercise.  As with all things, people make time for the activities that are important to them.  Thankfully, it is not necessary to exercise for hours on end.  You can make a substantial difference in your health with as little as 20 minutes a day.  Also, staying focused on your end result – a happy baby – can provide just the motivation you need.

While mild to moderate exercise is crucial for mental health, extreme amounts of exercise can negatively impact your health.  Be sure to speak with your fertility care team to understand what activities you’re able to partake in while undergoing fertility treatment.  While under a doctor’s care, it is important that the fertility team is aware of any actions that can impact fertility.

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One of the Best Fertility Doctors in New York

Finding the right fertility doctor is one of the most important steps of your fertility journey.  Your chosen doctor will be your partner in the journey to parenthood.  Selecting the right doctor will help to ensure that your needs are met and that you are treated as an individual.  For personalized attention, a focus on continual improvement, and a high success rate, the best doctor in NYC is Dr. John Zhang.shutterstock_108006539_small

Evidence of Dr. Zhang’s expertise and dedication to patient success can be seen in the following:

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Dr. John Zhang – The Doctor Who Understands You Emotionally and Linguistically

Fertility care can be a complicated discipline.  Couples that come to me for treatment aren’t just experiencing a physical issue.  Having children is an integral part of who we are.  Experiencing difficulty conceiving on your own can be devastating.  In order to completely care for a patient, it is important to address their physical, emotional, and mental needs.shutterstock_201672500

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Common Fertility Medicines and Possible Side Effects

When a woman is not ovulating regularly, fertility medication is used to supplement her natural fertility.  Fertility medication comes in a number of forms, in varying strengths for different purposes.  Becoming familiar with common fertility medications can take some of the mystery out of fertility treatment.


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4 Secrets To Naturally Increasing Your Fertility

Fertility treatment is often thought of as involving medication to push the body to be more fertile.  Contrary to that belief, natural fertility treatments are on the rise and have proven to have success rates that rival that of traditional fertility care.   Before seeking treatment for your fertility concerns, there are four things you can do to naturally improve your fertility. 2015-7

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How To Find an OBGYN That’s Right For You

Your hard work and perseverance has paid off – you’re pregnant!  But now what?  While you may be used to the weekly monitoring appointments with your fertility center, at some point you’ll transition to seeing an OBGYN for the duration of your pregnancy.  For those without a preferred doctor, selecting an OBGYN can seem daunting.

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Stressed and Struggling With Infertility – Try These Coping Mechanisms

You did everything you were supposed to do.  Yet, after trying on your own, you weren’t able to get pregnant.  It’s unexpected, it’s unfair, it’s stressful that something other people do every day by accident is seemingly out of your reach.  Fertility issues are among the most stressful situations that a person can experience.  That very stress can make fertility issues worse.

Enjoying the sun

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How Proper Dieting Can Help You Get Pregnant

A person’s overall health plays a large role in their fertility.  Many people do not realize that the food they eat can impact their ability to start a family.  Proper dieting and adopting a healthy lifestyle can help improve your chance of getting pregnant.


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