What To Do When All Of Your Friends Are Expecting

Having difficulty becoming pregnant can affect your life in many ways, some of which you may not expect.  Often, it seems as though everyone around you is becoming pregnant with little to no effort.  At times, it may be tempting to ask “why not me?” Unfortunately, this natural response may be harmful to you and can cause undue stress.

The following tips may help you navigate your feelings when all of your friends are expecting:

Give yourself a break – Your conflicted feelings are completely normal.  Don’t feel guilty if your friends’ announcement makes you both happy for her and upset about your journey.

Be selective – Baby showers can be difficult events to attend.  In fact, you may not think you have any concerns until you get there.  It’s okay to be selective about what events you attend.  In some instances, it may be better to send a gift or a card.  At other times, you may want to deliver your gift in person, apart from the shower.  In fact, in some cases attending a shower may provide additional motivation in your own journey.  Trust your instincts.

Talk about your feelings – Find someone you feel comfortable speaking with about your feelings.  Speak with a trusted friend or mentor.  Our support groups provide the perfect opportunity to communicate with couples who are dealing with the same concerns.  Often, knowing that other people are experiencing the same feelings you are and are dealing with the same issues helps to address your feelings.

Their pregnancy doesn’t mean you lose – There is not a limited number of babies.  Your friends’ pregnancies doesn’t mean that you won’t become pregnant.  Your fertility care team is actively working to help you reach your dreams of becoming pregnant.  We are in this together and are happy to speak with you about your concerns.

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