How To Find an OBGYN That’s Right For You

Your hard work and perseverance has paid off – you’re pregnant!  But now what?  While you may be used to the weekly monitoring appointments with your fertility center, at some point you’ll transition to seeing an OBGYN for the duration of your pregnancy.  For those without a preferred doctor, selecting an OBGYN can seem daunting.


The process to select the right OBGYN for your needs can be made simpler by following the guidelines below:

Your Medical Needs

The first thing to consider when selecting an OBGYN is your medical needs.  Individuals who are considered high risk should look for an OBGYN who is familiar with their specific health concern.  Finding a provider who is knowledgeable about your issues prevents the need for a referral later on.

Location and Convenience

As you progress further in your pregnancy, you will need to make more frequent visits to the doctor’s office.  Look for a doctor in a location that is easily accessible to you.  Additionally, ask about office hours to ensure the hours of the practice are compatible with your needs.

Doctor’s Philosophy and Manner

Schedule an appointment to sit down with perspective doctors.  Ask about their treatment philosophy.  If certain things are important to you, like having a doula or not having an episiotomy, be sure to bring up these issues during your discussion.  Look for a physician whose medical philosophy is in line with your own.


The cost for prenatal care and child birth can be extremely high.  In order to minimize your out-of-pocket costs, select a physician who is an in-network provider for your insurance carrier.  This step will also help to avoid unpleasant financial surprises in the future.

Your Comfort

Trust your instincts.  Your OBGYN will be your partner in having a healthy pregnancy and baby.  Therefore, it is important to select an individual you feel comfortable speaking with and who you feel you can trust.  Trust is an extremely important aspect of the patient/doctor relationship.

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