Getting Pregnant After 40 – There’s Still Hope

It is common knowledge that it can be more difficult to become pregnant naturally as a woman ages.  However, being over the age of 40 does not mean that a woman is unable to conceive.  It is possible to become pregnant after age 40 and to start a family.

For many years, fertility treatments meant large doses of fertility medication in order to push a woman’s reproductive system.  Historically, in order to participate in treatments such as IVF, women had to have low FSH levels, be below a certain age and had to be able to produce multiple eggs during a cycle.  These requirements meant that women over age 40 and women who were unresponsive to fertility medication were often unable to find fertility centers who were willing to help them.


Advances in fertility medicine and has changed this.  IVF protocols are now available that use little to no fertility medication.  Women who otherwise may have been ineligible for treatment, including those over age 40, can find hope in two new, more holistic IVF options.

  • Natural IVF does not use drugs of any kind to stimulate a woman’s reproductive system.  Instead of artificially creating fertility with medication, Natural IVF harvests and fertilizes the egg her body produces naturally.  This holistic approach to IVF is the perfect solution for those who wish to use IVF but wish to avoid fertility medication and the associated side effects.  This treatment protocol is also a good fit for women who are unlikely to respond to fertility medication or who are unable to produce multiple eggs per cycle.
  • Minimal Stimulation, also known as Mini, IVF uses far less fertility medication than its traditional counterpart.  Instead of focusing on the number of eggs, Mini IVF focuses on producing high quality eggs.  Typically, a combination of small doses of oral and injectable medication is used to gently stimulate a woman’s body to release between three and five eggs.  Those high quality eggs are well suited for fertilization and pregnancy.

For additional information on how women over 40 have the family they’ve been dreaming of, contact New Hope Fertility Center today.  The fertility experts at New Hope specialize in providing holistic IVF care and are pioneers of the Natural and Mini IVF protocols.

Please click the link below to enter your information and New Hope will contact you, or simply call 212-517-7676. Thank You.

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