8 Myths About Getting Pregnant

Trying to conceive can be a stressful time for couples.  Unfortunately, common advice about how to get pregnant is often incorrect.  Take care to avoid these eight myths about getting pregnant.

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Myth #1 – “Just Relax”

While extreme stress can affect ovulation, the normal tasks of charting your ovulation and monitoring your cycle will not negatively affect your fertility.

Myth #2 – Having Sex Everyday Ensures Pregnancy

A woman is only fertile for a 24 hour window during a cycle.  While having sex every day is a great way to bond with your partner, it does not increase your chances for getting pregnant.

Myth #3 – You Can Time Intercourse To Determine The Baby’s Gender

Many people believe that your baby’s gender can be determined by the conception date.  This is due to an old wives tale that male sperm swim faster than female sperm, allowing for gender determination.

Myth #4 – Avoid Bike Riding As it Lowers The Sperm Count

Unless your partner is biking competitively there is no risk of damage to sperm count based on recreational bike riding.

Myth #5 – Cough Medicine Can Increase Fertility

Cervical mucus plays a large role in fertility.  Some believe that cough medication can be used to thin the cervical mucus thereby increasing fertility.  While the mucus may be thinned, this does not affect overall fertility.

Myth #6 – Bananas Can Make A Man Sterile

A clinical report stated that men working on banana farms had reduced fertility.  This issue was blamed on the chemical used on bananas during the growing process.  Research has not demonstrated a similar issue for men that eat the bananas.

Myth #7 – Daytime Sex Is Most Likely To Result In Pregnancy

No research has shown a link between the time of day for intercourse and the chance of becoming pregnant.

Myth #8 – Applying Ice To A Man’s Testicles Can Increase Fertility

While a man’s sperm count decreases as his testicular temperature increases, there is no evidence that applying ice will improve sperm count.

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