How to Lose Weight Healthily After Giving Birth

After pregnancy, many women are excited to get their bodies back, but find that they are a different body than they started with. Others may want to lose the additional pounds they put on during pregnancy, but find it difficult to find the time with a new baby. The good news is, if you only put on between 25 and 35 pounds during the pregnancy that weight will be easiest to get off. Women who gained excess weight will have to work harder to shed those extra pounds. The tips below can help you to lose weight in a healthy manner after pregnancy.

Don’t Diet

Having a new baby in Extra.Kthe house requires a lot of effort from new mothers. Generally speaking, eating a healthy diet and adopting good food habits are enough to help women shed those extra pounds. Following a strict diet often leads to stress and can result in overeating in a binge. Additionally, not eating enough calories can actually lead to your metabolism slowing down and your body storing more fat. For nursing mothers, it is especially important to get enough calories for milk production.

Eat Healthy Foods

In order to lose weight, your diet should include fruit, vegetables and lean proteins. Adding fish, low fat milk and yogurt can provide much needed calcium. Stay away from processed foods, food that is high in fat and food that is high in sodium. All of these items are a drain on your health and can leave you taking in empty calories with no nutritional benefit.


For new mothers, going to the gym for an hour may not be realistic. However, there are many things you can do throughout the day in order to increase your activity level. Taking a walk around your neighborhood gets you moving and helps with circulation and blood flow. Parking further away and walking a greater distance into stores can also help you get in some additional activity.

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