Male Sexual Health and Laptop Use – Is His Fertility at Stake?

father-babyWhen a couple is trying to conceive, there are many things they can do to improve their fertility.  Eating right, regularly exercising, and getting enough sleep can all improve health and improve a couple’s fertility.  Most couples know that eliminating smoking and alcohol can increase fertility and do what they can to be at optimal health.  However, something that many men do every day may be decreasing their fertility, and they are completely unaware.

Laptop computers, particularly when connected to the internet via wifi, can negatively impact a man’s fertility.  This occurs for two reasons:


Laptops generate heat as they run.  When placed on a person’s lap that heat is directed down into the legs and the groin area.  Adding to the heat is the fact that most people sit with their legs closed while working with a laptop in their lap, which then traps the heat.  This can cause the temperature of a man’s scrotum to rise quickly, which can damage sperm.  While spreading the legs or using a lap pad can slow down the rise in temperature, it does not eliminate it.

Wifi Connection

A study done in 2011 evaluated how laptop computers with wireless, also known as Wifi, connections effected sperm. Using semen samples from 29 individuals with normal, healthy sperm counts, the semen was exposed to four hours of connectivity.

Semen samples that were exposed to the wifi connection showed a decrease in quality in a number of ways:

  • Decrease in sperm motility
  • Increased amount of DNA fragmentation

Improving Sperm Health

There are a number of steps men can take to improve the health of their sperm:

  • Place laptops on a table when working
  • When possible, use a wired versus a wireless connection
  • Wear loose fitting clothes and undergarments to avoid overheating of the testicles

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