Can DHEA Improve Egg Health in Women?

Egg health is one of the most important factors in a woman’s fertility.  A woman with poor egg quality will have difficulty becoming pregnant and is more likely to miscarry.  Traditionally, the only way to address poor egg quality was to harvest a large number of eggs in an attempt to find ones that were suitable for fertilization.  However, advances in fertility medicine and the use of DHEA can enhance the quality of a woman’s eggs.2015-7

DHEA Explained

DHEA is naturally produced in the body and is a precursor to the hormones estrogen and testosterone, both of which play a critical role in fertility.  As a woman ages, the levels of these hormones naturally begin to decline.  Additionally, women with a diminished ovarian reserve also have lower than normal DHEA levels.  Research shows that supplementing DHEA can raise hormones to normal levels and return eggs to quality that is typically seen in younger women.

DHEA and Improved Fertility 

DHEA has a number of positive effects on a woman’s fertility.  First, the quality of a woman’s eggs are improved.  Poor quality eggs are often unable to be fertilized, and, when they are fertilized, many of the pregnancies result in miscarriage.  Improving egg quality results in greater success rates for pregnancy and a decrease in the likelihood of miscarriage.  Furthermore, the number of eggs a woman produces during a single cycle is increased, providing a greater chance of retrieving an egg that is well suited for fertilization and pregnancy.

Through the use of DHEA and tailored fertility treatments, women who were previously turned away from fertility treatment are able to have high success rates.  When used during the weeks prior to IVF treatment, DHEA can have a significant impact on a woman’s fertility.

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